The Dictator Trailer: Full-Length, Fully Absurd

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Take cover, Ryan Seacrest. The Dictator is on his way to America.

Beyond the ridiculous costume and sight gags, the latest, full-length trailer for the Sacha Baron Cohen film gives us our first real insight as to what the plot actually is.

Cohen plays a ruthless, fictitious dictator who arrives in N.Y.C. to address the U.N., only to be abducted, shaved (!) and released into the general public, with no one aware of or believing he is one of the world's last remaining tyrants:

While the previously seen Gadhafi-esque satire element is still there, the movie appears to veer into buffoonish-foreigner-lost-in-America territory, a la Borat. Nice.

Cohen winds up getting help from Anna Faris, as you can see. The Dictator arrives May 11 and also stars John C. Reilly, Megan Fox (as herself) and Ben Kingsley.