Snooki: Leaving Jersey Shore Due to Pregnancy?

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Will the pregnant Snooki be back on Jersey Shore next season? Should she be?

The network has said that no final decision has been made yet about a sixth season, but odds are it will be back, with or without its most famous guidette.

The program has been cable's most-watched series at times (scary but true) and while Schnookers is one of the main reasons, she's not the only draw.

Now that Snooki's pregnant and engaged, it's hard to see her back ... or is it?

JWoww and Snook

How would a girl who's supposedly serious about being a good wife and mother carry on in that madhouse? Would Jionni LaValle ever go for that?

But does she really have the good sense to walk away from fame after her 15 minutes (and spinoff, being filmed in the photo above) are finally up?

Or will she angle for yet another show? Right now it remains to be seen ... but we pray for the little Jionni/Vinny Jr. she's carrying inside of her.

Speaking of which ... vote in our survey:

Will Snooki be a good mother?


This gal, Snooki, mus be the stupidest wench alive. A brainless chick...


how old are you and do u got a husband or boyfriend


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I think she will do fantastic as a mother. God bless her, her fiance and little one :)


I just want to let everyone know that the baby she is carring will be fine and she will be a good mommie and if it is a boy or girl it will be loved and i will miss her on Jersey Shore cause she made everyone laugh and just make friends.


Jionni better step up n get a good job


I have seen drug addicts and alcoholics change their whole lives because they had a baby, sometimes having a baby is what it takes for someone to grow up and change themselves. I bet many of you did not know that Jersey Shore was fake and is scripted, so just like all of these movies you watch and all of these famous actors/actresses it is the same thing, scripted and fake, and for all of you talking trash about her drinking while she was pregnant, she did not know, once she found out she freaked out and quit drinking right then and there, and I bet most of you did not know that the first month is actually okay to do stupid stuff like that because it does not affect the baby yet as the baby is nowhere near developed it is after the first month that you really need to be worried about. Leave the girl alone and let her live her life with her baby and new fiance.


So the people who are against Snooki, and telling her to give her baby up for adoption and saying that she is not going to be a mother, are telling me that you yourselves have never drank?? The only difference between you's and her is that she was paid to get drunk, which believe me many of you wish you could have done that. The only reason that you are going against her is because what you have seen on T.V. I bet most of you used to be wild when you were teenagers, and if you are trying to say that no you have never been drunk or have never done anything stupid in your lives, then either you have never been a teenager or like I am guessing you are a bunch of liars... Plain and simple....


cangrates to snookie hope everybe okay for you and your babby and jionni hope the best for yous all


Nicole or "snooki" is a person like everyone else. The only reason why people are bashing her and saying she is not going to be a good mom is because of how she acts on jersey shore. You don't know who she really is, so don't judge. She only acts that way because she gets 100,000 in return. I'm sure if you were in her spot you would do it too. HATERS!

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