Pi Day: Celebrating a Literally Irrational Number!

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Pi Day is here again. You know, March 14 ... get it, 3/14?

For those of us who aren't math teachers, Pi is named after the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a Euclidean circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Although usually truncated to 3.14, Pi (22/7) is not a finite number. It has been calculated to a million-plus digits, but it has no end. It's literally irrational!

Here are some ways to mark this special day:

  • Listening to the Pi rap above (obviously there was one on YouTube).
  • Geeking out hard to these amazing Pi-themed accessories.
  • Eating pie. Not only a homonym for Pi, but a circle too!
  • It also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday! Woo!
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