George Zimmerman Police Video: No Signs of Injury, Blood After Trayvon Martin Shooting

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Police surveillance video footage of George Zimmerman hours after he shot Trayvon Martin does not appear to show any injuries or bloodstains on the man who claims he killed the Florida teen in self defense February 26.
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His attorney says the video is too grainy to be revealing, however.

The footage, obtained by ABC News late Wednesday, shows the handcuffed Zimmerman getting out of the police car, unaided, and walking into the police station where he was escorted after the shooting in Sanford, Fla. Watch:

In the police tape, taken about four hours after the deadly incident, there are no visible signs of injuries to Zimmerman's head or blood on his clothes.

However, he is wearing a red jacket, which could obscure a lot.

Zimmerman's attorney Craig Sonner described the video as "very grainy" on NBC's Today, noting that Zimmerman had been "cleaned-up" and received first aid care in the hours between the incident and his arrival at the police station.

Sonner previously said that his client suffered a broken nose and a gash to his head during the altercation in which he says Zimmerman feared for his life.

Appearing on CNN Wednesday, Martin family lawyer Benjamin Crump called the video “the smoking gun,” proving the self-defense allegation is not true.

“I think the video speaks for itself. You don’t see any broken nose. You don’t see any blood on his head. You don’t see any stuff on the back of his clothes."

"You have to ask why did this police chief, state attorney and now this acting police chief conspire to protect George Zimmerman for killing this unarmed teenager?"

A neighborhood watch volunteer, Zimmerman was released without being charged. The Trayvon Martin case has since become a national obsession.

Richard Kurtz, the funeral director who prepared Martin's body, was asked if there were any signs on his hands that the victim had punched someone.

"The only thing that I was able to see was the gunshot wound," Kurtz told MSNBC. "I could not see evidence like he had been punching somebody."

"It just did not add up to me."

The self-defense claim clearly deserves scrutiny, but whether this is sufficient proof that there was no struggle is something investigators must determine.

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