Bridget Hardy: Jaleel White is an Abusive Cheater!

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He may be an early favorite with the Dancing With the Stars judges, but Jaleel White’s ex says he is an abusive cheater, according to a new report from Star.

Bridget Hardy, with whom White has a 2-year-old daughter, says he became violent with her after she confronted him over evidence that he'd been cheating.

Hardy, and a bathroom fixture, allegedly paid the price.


The alleged altercation between them took place in 2010, when Hardy said that the former Family Matters star, now 35, “hit me across the chest area.”

“He pushed me into the toilet and it broke,” she said. “Water went everywhere, through the walls and even into the kitchen downstairs,” she said.

White vehemently denies the claims and was never charged with a crime.

Had he not been cast on DWTS this spring, would this have even come up again? THG was not there for the alleged toilet attack, but it sounds fishy.