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Picking up where we left off two weeks ago, The Real Housewives of Atlanta are still in Africa attempting to make peace, not war. Yeah, good luck with that.

We recap the brawling, bickering and stupid fashion in THG’s +/- review.

So NeNe plays peacemaker. Who would have guessed that?

Plus 12 because she does take a moment of introspection to realize how stupid she must look when she’s in the middle of one of these ridiculous brawls.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

When Marlo and Sheree are finally off to their separate corners the night continues. Sheree, Phaedra, and Kandi are off to their private party.

Sheree’s friend Kevin is a charming host who likes flaming entertainment. Literally, I thought the fire wielding dancers were going to set the back yard on fire. Minus 5 because those sparks got a little wild. I hope the house is insured.

Then Kevin introduces Kandi to his friend Vince and encourages him to ask Kandi questions about sex since she has an adult themed talk show.

Kandi looks like she’d like to crawl under the table.

Vince claims he’s an actor / producer and everyone assumes Kandi and Vince might hook up tonight. Well, that is until Kandi starts asking questions.

What has he produced? He self produces and he’s a natural actor which means he’s never done it for money. What does he do for money? He’s a bartender. Minus 10. The wannabes can find Kandi on any continent.

Afterwards all of the ladies meet up and go clubbing and Marlo starts throwing her money around, literally. Is she trying to make Sheree crazy or just doing her best impression of a guy at a strip club. Minus 7.  Either way it’s just silly.

Of course Phaedra and Kandi aren’t about to let good money go to waste as they start scooping up the cash. It looks like their next pair of shoes will be on Marlo. Plus 8.

Being the smart women they are, the ladies spend a late night out clubbing when they have to get up early for a long day of travel. Brilliant. Minus 10.

They arrive at the Shamwari Game Reserve and it’s gorgeous but some rooms are modern while others are antique. The ladies draw numbers to decide who will sleep where. The gods must have a sense of humor because Marlo and NeNe get the older rooms. Plus 6.

Everyone gets ready to go out on safari. Marlo needs her hair and makeup person, her six inch designer heels. and gold lame pants. Will the glare off those pants attract the lions or scare them off? Minus 15. She looks ridiculous. 

Even the other ladies take notice. Phaedra wonders what is up with Marlo’s boogaloo, bedazzled, disco pants and Kandi thinks she looks like a solid gold dancer.

Of course Kandi’s outfit reminds me a little of a 1980s music video so Minus 5.

Can you believe that NeNe’s sleazy pseudo boyfriend / partner John sent her flowers in Africa. Minus 9 because the mere mention of the guy makes my skin crawl.

The safari itself is breathtakingly beautiful but Marlo would prefer it if they’d pave the roads and shoot the antelope to make them stop fighting. Oh, and she’d like a picture of those zebra to go with the zebra rug she has back home. Seriously? Minus 10.

When the driver picks up that tortoise I felt for him. Not the driver, the tortoise. With the ladies screeching it must have terrified the poor thing.

And what’s with the fascination with elephant dung? Apparently if you burn it it will cure your headache. I’m with Phaedra on this one. I’ll stick to Advil. Plus 5.

The next day they head to an orphanage which houses 60 children. Some have HIV, others have been taken from abusive homes. The ladies stop at a store to pick up supplies.

Phaedra wants to know if the store in the middle of nowhere has organic food. Better yet, Marlo thinks the kids need perm kits. Minus 10. Thankfully Kandi points out that maintaining such a thing might be an issue.

How about we stick to food, diapers, and toilet paper just for kicks.

All of the housewives appear more human when they are surrounded by these children but it’s hard to tell what type of long term impact the visit will have.

The supplies will help but certainly not for long.  Will the woman remember this visit past this trip? Phaedra’s the only one we see shedding tears as they drive away. 


The African adventure continues next week. Will the ladies be able to maintain their shaky peace? We’ll be there to find out either way!