The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: South Africa, Home Away From Home

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After an episode of packing last week, The Real Housewives of Atlanta officially arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on Sunday and the country will never be the same.

We relive the etiquette lessons and unbelievable screeching in THG's +/- recap!

With Kroy off at training camp, Kim stays home with the new baby and we barely see her except for a family dinner with her parents. Have I mentioned I find her parents kind of creepy? Her mom says very little and her dad says far too much.

Add to it that they can't wait for Kim to finish feeding the baby to sit down to eat. Now that's just rude. Minus 9.

In South Africa

Back at the airport, our trip to Africa which starts off quietly enough. The ladies take a 16-hour flight where they remove their makeup and have some wine. Cynthia even laughs when NeNe removes an eyebrow and NeNe doesn't seem to mind.

Or at least she didn't hurt her. Plus 8 for a good beginning.

NeNe says the group is divided between the tall women (over 5'9") and the almost midgets. It seems like an exaggeration until you witness Phaedra and Kandi standing next to Cynthia and NeNe and realize she's almost not kidding. Plus 5.

How much luggage do these women need for a 10-day trip? Watching them haul it through the airport is just ridiculous. They can't even manage an elevator without help. And we wonder why other countries think Americans are dumb. Minus 10.

The hotel penthouse suite is stunning but before they even get there Marlo is already bitching that she won't share a bathroom. Well, since the host didn't know she was coming she should be thankful she isn't sharing a bed with NeNe.
Cheers to Africa

The bus ride to the hotel has Marlo giving the ladies lessons in etiquette. How much etiquette do you think they teach in prison? Minus 12 because we doubt it has anything to do with the proper way to pass the salt.

Marlo wants the names of the hotel staff that will be servicing their room and she wants to know if they call out sick. I guess when you've got a criminal history you expect the same from those around you. Minus 7. It pays to be cautious but not rude.

Kandi's great as Marlo's getting on her last nerve. Over breakfast she asks "Are you going to give us etiquette lessons all day?" And then she looks as though she'd like to throw Marlo overboard while they're on the yacht. Plus 10.

We never thought much of Cynthia but she hit an all time low this week. First she mocks Phaedra's robe over breakfast and then she gloats over how she was invited to Sheree's friend's dinner while NeNe and Marlo were not.

Minus 15 because the girl couldn't make it across the penthouse fast enough to share the news. Talk about a trouble maker.

Kim and KJ

Unsurprisingly, Marlo storms off to give Sheree a piece of her mind. The two women can't stop screeching at one another sniping about one anothers money and sexual history. It's all about how many houses, cars, and watches they have.

Minus 12. How about we count how many brain cells each has. That will be quicker.

As the rest of the group gapes at the brawling duo, NeNe delivers one of the best lines of the night: "Is this how I look in an argument because they look absolutely stupid."

Plus 10 for realizing it.

As Marlo yells for Sheree to go off and spend the night with her bleeping gay friends using a word that rhymes with maggot, Kandi gets the best dig in of the night. "Now I don't know etiquette but I know you're not suppose to say that."

It's all so stupid that it's actually entertaining and it almost has us looking forward to the rest of this African adventure.


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