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Taylor Armstrong has released a memoir that she claims is all about helping victims of abuse, not profiting from the August 2011 suicide of husband Russell.

Of course, organizations that help victims of abuse are still waiting for their proceeds from sales of “Hiding from Reality.”

New excerpts from this book have now hit the Internet, so you may read them for yourself and judge Taylor accordingly:

On her sex life with Russell: He would make comments when we were sexual… about my weight. No woman needs to be criticized in that moment – criticisms about having sex with me is like ‘having sex with a skeleton.’

On still loving Russell: I love him to this day and miss him terribly. I got out way too late. I hope by others hearing the story they may get out sooner. When I wrote Hiding From Reality, I wanted it real and honest. Some of it was difficult to write.

On the lasting scars of abuse: I think you can see my eye has healed, but these things are going to stick with me a long time and sometimes, the emotional can hurt worse than the physical almost.

What do you think of Taylor Armstrong releasing a memoir?