Is This the Funniest Viral Video Ever?

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Can humor be quantified? Not a chance, but that didn't stop Google from trying. The tech giant actually created an algorithm which ranks the funniest YouTube videos.

It takes into account certain elements of the clip(s), the uploader's interpretation of it (based on title, description and tags) and of course user comments and votes.

The video below - actually a collection of three practical jokes - won. While it's definitely up there, ranking it THE best might be a bit of a stretch. Watch and see:

Google engineer Sanketh Shetty explained the methodology and its challenges:

“Viewers emphasize reaction to videos in several ways: e.g. capitalization (LOL), elongation (loooooool), repetition (lololol), exclamation (lolllll!!!!), and combinations thereof. If a user uses an “loooooool” vs an “loool”, does it mean they were more amused?”

The results of the experiment can be seen on Google’s Comedy Slam leaderboard.

According to the same method, the funniest video of just this week is this one, featuring some dude trying to reach a tomato through ceiling fan blades.

Spoiler alert: It ends badly for him. Enjoy:

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