Gabe Watson, Alleged Honeymoon Killer, Accused of Lies Surrounding Tina Thomas' Death

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Gabe Watson, the accused Honeymoon Killer, is on trial for the death of his wife, and the details surrounding her drowning are being called into question.

An experienced diver who was there when Tina Thomas Watson died cast doubt on his version of what happened off Australia's Great Barrier Reef in 2003.

Dr. Doug Milsap testified for the prosecution that Watson told him two stories about how Tina Thomas died that fateful day, neither of which he believed.

Gabe Watson Mug Shot

In one version of events from that day, Milsap recalled, Watson told him that his wife panicked, knocked off his mask, making him unable to help her.

In another, he was holding her, but she was too heavy to carry to the surface.

The tale simply wasn't plausible to Milsap, because underwater, a human being's weight is almost negligible - the equivalent of just 10 to 20 pounds.

"I got angry - like I feel now - and said, that's bulls---," Milsap said, according to The Courier Mail. "I tend not to have much tact, I tell it like it is."

Prosecutors argue that Gabe Watson, a 36-year-old salesman, who married his wife 10 days earlier, planned her death to cash in on her life insurance.

The Alabama man served 18 months in an Australian prison for manslaughter. If convicted in a Birmingham courtroom, he faces life behind bars.

To preempt a possible move by the defense, prosecutors aired a taped deposition of Tina Thomas' doctor about a heart condition she had in 2001.

Tina had a procedure two years before she died to correct an irregular heartbeat. Dr. Farrell Mendelsohn testified that he considered her cured.

The defense contends that Tina's death was accidental and perhaps was gearing up to argue that her medical history put her at risk in diving.