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Simply put: we told you.

Our exhaustive, in-depth analysis of the Steelers/Broncos first round playoff matchup revealed that Tim Tebow would lead Denver to an upset, despite the seemingly long odds against this man of God and his hilariously low completion percentage.

We believed, and Tebow proved us correct, finishing his best day as a professional by becoming just the third quarterback in NFL history to finish his postseason debut with over 300 yards passing, and at least one touchdown passing and rushing. His final throw was an 80-yard touchdown to Demaryius Thomas in overtime, which clinched a 29-23 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Watch the final play below and just have faith*, football fans.

Tim Tebow Throws Winning Touchdown Pass

* Until next Saturday night, that is. Tebow and the Broncos will get CRUSHED by the Patriots. You can mark it down now.