The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Finale Recap: Pandora's Dream Wedding

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After a fairly dark season with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ,we're finally headed towards the light for the finale and thanks to Pandora, it's not white but pink.

Let's break down the event of the season in THG's +/- review!!

But before we attend the wedding, let's hit the bathroom. I have to laugh at Adrienne's horror when Paul invites her in to help with his enema. Plus 10 for her reaction.

I don't know what Paul's thinking but that's so not happening.

Adrienne Maloof, Paul Nassif

Other than airing an entertaining public service announcement on getting a colonoscopy, is this segment really necessary? Minus 8 because I don't think anyone needs to watch several minutes of Paul passing air. Maybe we can all get that IV sedation to go.

Over at Kyle's, she and Mauricio must be discussing which dress will look the least flattering on her because I can't stand any of her choices, least of all the one he picked out. Minus 9. For a woman with money Kyle could use better taste in clothes.

Camille doesn't have that problem. She just looks better and better this season. Life without Kelsey obviously agrees with her because she's rockin' that dress. Plus 10.

Back at wedding central, Lisa's starting to freak out a little because Kevin Lee isn't there. His assistant Anie looks quite capable but Kevin failed to mention he'd be manning another event up until a couple of hours before Pandora's wedding. Not cool. Minus 15.

But everything moves right along and I almost expected twin makeup artists but triplets? Plus 7. Only in Beverly Hills.

Pandora Vanderpump Photo

Son Max wanders home for the wedding and I have to agree with Lisa. That mohawk looks like a dead squirrel on his head. Someone please help him with that.

The wedding is simply gorgeous, from the flower chandeliers to the enormous rose covered cake. Pandora does have a fairy tale wedding. Plus 20.

Lisa and Ken are beaming with happiness.  I'm not sure which parent delivers the better line.  Lisa says she'd give anything to turn the clock back 25 years and do it all over again. Ken says, "I'm not giving her away, I'm sharing her."

Both are so sweet and heartfelt. Plus another 20.

It looks like a good time is had by all as everyone makes their way to the dance floor and the entire evening is a grand success.

Cut to three weeks later when the ladies catch up at Kyle's. They haven't seen much of Taylor since Russell's death although we don't really know how long it's been between that event and this one.

Pandora Gets Married!

Kim, Brandi, and Dana are absent from this episode. And although I don't give a hoot about Dana, I miss Brandi. She's been the comic relief this season has needed. Plus 8. I hope we see her at the reunion.

As we find out in the closing notes, Kim is not pregnant. Thank goodness. She's also checked herself into rehab. I hear she won't be in the reunion shows which is a shame but best of luck to her.

An otherwise dark season ends on a high note as Lisa and Ken give their daughter the wedding of her dreams. Will everything remain sweetness and light for the reunion shows? What are the odds of that?


What did you think of the finale?

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