The Bachelor Recap: Fly Fishin' For Love, Throwin' 'Em Back

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After the return and exit of Shawntel Newton last week, The Bachelor settled back into its normal routine of ridiculous dates, cat-fighting and emotional turmoil Monday.

The Bachelor spoilers we've read actually didn't include much on this episode, including who would get the boot. So it was interesting to watch unfold in that sense.

Ben Flajnik took the ladies on a BREATHTAKING horseback riding date, and later fly fishing, getting the women wet in a way they never imagined. Most likely.

One lucky bachelorette also won a private show from country singer Clay Walker ... but was there a rose in tow? And Courtney Robertson, as always, was insane.

Please, join us for THG's +/- Bachelor recap of week four ...

Horsin' Around

HE'S ON A HORSE: And Lindzi Cox has never been more jealous/turned on.

Regardless of any rose outcome, seeing these prissy, uptight women put up their hair and step into baggy fishing suits was satisfying in its own right. Plus 9.

This fly fishing endeavor features some of the most fake casting we've seen on this show since ... any girl in Bachelor history was cast on the show. Plus 18.

“Let’s be honest. It’s not really about catching the trout. It’s more about catching Ben.” - Courtney Robertson, using every one of her 75 I.Q. points. Minus 10.

Think the producers rigged it and threw a gimpy trout in there just for the scene of her smugly emerging from the stream hoisting her catch? Probably. Plus 2.

"Courtney caught a fish. [pause] What the f--k." - Lindzi. Plus 20.

Ben tossed a "catch" (named Samantha Levey) back into the sea (of dating!) after she whined about going on group dates. Dude, tell it to Mike Fleiss. Minus 21.

Who knows why she was even there in the first place, after Ben told her it was time to pack it in right there. Somewhat dick-ish, but honest, so Plus 17.

"It's so great to see Ben sending girls home," says Court. "I'm just really happy. [Samantha] just rubbed me the wrong way!" Her and everyone else. Minus 8.

Kacie B. has been appearing a bit jealous and insecure lately. It's likely she's just in over her head and is thrown off by piranhas like Courtney, so Minus only 3.

She’s already talking about the love connection, which is sweet ... and sad for her because watching these episodes now must be like getting waterboarded. Minus 4.

Courtney Robertson Picture

Especially after Ben told Kacie B. how much he wanted to kiss her on the fishing trip, but gave rose to Courtney, as "she needs that reassurance." Uhh. Minus 20.

Needs reassurance? Moron says "winning" every five minutes! Minus 5.

That phrase was outdated even when this was filmed! Minus 5 more.

Ben's first one-on-one with Rachel Truehart was a little on the quiet side (not throwing herself at him, thereby making him "not sure" about her). Crazy. Plus 5.

Plus 6 more for Ben deciding that after letting the night take its course, she deserved a rose. Sometimes maintaining an element of mystery works out well!

Poor Jennifer. Other girls get wined and dined Bachelor style with fireworks and epic scenery ... she gets stuck rappelling down into some hole. Minus 10.

Imagine if there hadn't been water there! She trusted Ben, though, and PHEW. Plus 3 for recycling the same cliches into new, absurd dates every season.

At least she did get dinner out of it, and a concert by Clay Walker. Plus 15 for the date itself, Minus 4 for the implication that any of it was Ben's call.

Jennifer is the anti-Courtney in that she appears a house favorite among the other girls. Plus 16, because she must be really cool to win over these loons.

Emily O'Brien Picture

Emily O'Brien couldn't take it anymore. “I feel like there is one girl here who is very different around you than around the rest of the girls,” she told Ben. Minus 15.

When you're that girl who says that line, and there's one every season, things do not work out. But Plus 7 since Court totally is “condescending and self-centered.”

Of course, Emily told Casey S., Courtney’s only friend it seems, about her conversation with Ben. Minus 8 for back-stabbing AND blowing your own cover Em.

In the best exchange of the night, Courtney started laughing at Emily, who then told Courtney to stop acting like a fifth grader. We smell a fight! Plus 30.

Naturally, the producers/Ben are keeping both around. Plus 5.


Eliminations: Samantha Levey, Monica Spannbauer.

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