Lana Del Rey Covers Complex, Ignores Critics

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Lana Del Rey is caught in the rain on the cover of this month's Complex. But that's preferable to where the singer found herself a couple weeks ago:

Caught in a storm of controversy following a hesitant Saturday Night Live performance.

Lana Del Ray Complex Cover

But the artist, whose debut album comes out on January 31, shrugs off the rebukes. Correction: she doesn't even notice them.

“I’m pretty much switched off from it," Del Rey tells the magazine of the press in general. "What other people have been saying doesn’t have anything to do with me because I never gave any long interviews to anyone. Ever. Everything is basically fiction.”

Del Rey has caught fire on the Internet largely because she sounds so real, so passionate, so Adele-like. There's a reason for that, says the singer.

“If you consider the definition of authenticity, it’s saying something and actually doing it. I write my own songs. I made my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It’s all authentic.”

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