Chaz Bono: Saving Up For a Penis

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Dancing With the Stars alumnus Chaz Bono is saving up the money to make his gender transformation that much more official. Yes, we're talking about a penis transplant.

Chaz tells Rolling Stone that he will pursue a metoidioplasty.

If you haven't stopped reading yet, he describes this as "a procedure that uses what you already have down there... which has grown larger from the testosterone."

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Chaz will be trying out the new equipment on someone other than Jennifer Ella, who he just broke up with after a long-term relationship in which he changed genders.

He opted for the metoidioplasty for the following reasons:

"You end up with a smaller phallus than with the phalloplasty (another similar type of procedure), but it's fully functional, it gets erect, and the sensation is all there."

The procedure will cost him between $25,000-$45,000.

You cannot put a price on manhood, however.


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