Ashton Kutcher Cares About Demi Moore, Source Confirms

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Ashton Kutcher has only released one public statement since Demi Moore was hospitalized - and it was a Tweet that referenced "citizen journalists" - but a source close to the actor wants to make it clear:

He does care about his ex-wife.

"Ashton is deeply concerned for Demi," the insider tells People, adding he was simply in Brazil this week for work on an ad campaign. "He still cares about her and wants the best for her. But their marriage is ending and they are both moving on with their lives."

Ashton Kutcher in Los Angeles

Kutcher touched back down in Los Angeles yesterday and will return to the set of Two and a Half Men Monday.

Meanwhile, a new story in Great Britain's The Sun says Moore has been hooked on Red Bull for over a decade. She supposedly gets crates of the energy drink delivered to her house and has often replaced meals with multiple intakes of this beverage.

This actually jibes with another report earlier in the week, which cited a partying, flirtatious Moore from a couple weeks ago, clutching a Red Bull can during a night out.

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