Taylor Kinney: Caught Cheating With Lady Gaga By Pocket Dialing Ex?

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Time to make sure your phone is password-protected, fellas.

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga are smitten with one another these days, but when they first got together, he was still in a relationship with Brittany Sackett, In Touch claims.

Until he accidentally pocket-dialed her during an illicit date with Gaga.

“I could hear her telling him he was so ‘sexy and creative,’” Sackett says, adding that she'd replace those adjectives with “dishonest and disloyal.” Again ... passwords.

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Gaga, Umbrella

“In my opinion,” Brittany says as a warning to Gaga, “he’s fame-hungry.”

If so, that would be one big thing The Vampire Diaries actor has in common with the star's ex, Luc Carl, who always seemed to be in love with Lady Gaga’s fame.

Then again, ever since Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney got together, they have kept a low profile, staying at his beach condo with roommates instead of hotels even.

You could say, in a manner of speaking, that they've got all kinds of money but they still pay rent, because you can't buy a house in heaven ... or something.

You get the point. Lessons learned from this article: 1. Don't call your significant other while you're on a date with someone else, and 2. Watch your back, Gaga.

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