North Korea Residents: REALLY Sad Over Death of Kim Jong-Il

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To many Americans, and especially to those behind 30 Rock, Kim Jong-Il was a frightening nut job, a world leader to scoff over and laugh at.

But to thousands of thousands of Pyongyang residents, the man was a national hero, which is why they turned out in droves at Kim's funeral today, crying, screaming and pounding their chests despite frigid weather.

Kim, who died of a heart attack on December 17, lay inside a black hearse during the three-hour ceremony, as the vehicle was followed by dozens of cars and military trucks that drive past major monuments in the capital.

"Even the people, mountains, rivers and the sky are crying for our dear leader," one solider interviewed by North Korean state TV said at the event.

That's probably because the mountains, rivers and skies couldn't actually process that Kim Jong-Il was a manipulative, evil human being.