Mike McQueary Takes Stand, Does Not Verify Jerry Sandusky Rape

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Mike McQueary - the Penn State assistant coach currently on administrative leave due to the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal rocking that campus - took to the stand today for a preliminary hearing that focused on two former school officials.

Similar to what was reported weeks ago by a Grand Jury, McQueary said he heard skin-on-skin slapping sounds emanating from the a shower in a university locker room. He peaked in and saw Sandusky with his hands around a boy's waist from behind, while the child was facing the wall.

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McQueary said he cannot be 100% certain than anal rape was taking place, but: "I know they saw me. They looked directly in my eye, both of them."

He then exited the premises, told Joe Paterno about the incident - stating the coach looked disappointed at the news and told his charge he did the right thing - but did not use the words "sodomy" or "anal intercourse."

McQueary also said he had spoken with Penn State Vice President Gary Schultz and did not go directly to the cops because:

"I thought I was talking to the head of the police, to be frank with you. In my mind it was like speaking to a [district attorney]. It was someone who police reported to and would know what to do with it."

Earlier this week, in a move many legal experts decreed as foolhardy, Sandusky and his lawyer waived their own hearing that would have given them a chance to interrogate the former's alleged victims under oath.

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