Jerry Sandusky Waives Hearing, Vows a "Fight to the Death"

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Jerry Sandusky pleaded not guilty inside of a Pennsylvania courtroom today, waiving his right to a preliminary hearing in the process and avoiding any testimony from those who have accused him of child abuse. For now at least.

The disgraced ex-defensive coordinator at Penn State subsequently appeared on the courtroom steps alongside his lawyer, Joseph Amendola, who told the press:

"There will be no plea negotiations. This is a fight to the death."

Jerry Sandusky Press Conference Pic

Amendola added that his client also waived his appearance at the January 11 arraignment and asked for a jury trial.

A handful of alleged victims were present at the court house this morning and prepared to make their claims public , a step they will now take instead some time in 2012.

Said Howard Janet, an attorney for one of the boys who has said he showered with Sandusky: "It would have been apparent from watching those boys and their demeanor that they were telling the truth."

Amendola, of course, says otherwise, telling reporters:

"We're pursuing a financial motivation. Finances and money are great motivators."

Late last week, Sandusky's wife spoke out in support of her husband. She said the former coach only tried to "help and care" for the children that came through Second Mile, a charity he founded in the late 1970s, from which many believe he culled his young prey.

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