Mel Gibson is the Man at Probation

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Mel Gibson is earning high marks for his probation these days ... unlike some people

Judge Stephanie Sautner, best known as the judge who spars with Lindsay Lohan on a monthly basis, presided over a progress report in the actor's battery case this week.

If he could receive a grade, Gibson would be getting an A+ or 100/100 from Sautner.

Good Old Mel

It seems like forever ago that Oksana Grigorieva leaked the Mel Gibson tapes and accused him of assaulting her in one of the worst celebrity breakups ever.

The actor pleaded no contest to battery earlier this year.

He was given probation, and unlike certain people Sautner oversees, takes it seriously. She praised the actor for doing an exemplary job in all capacities.

Mel has apparently completed twice the amount of counseling requiring of him, and he remains right on track on his 12-step program. Good for him.


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