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Hugh Hefner believes Lindsay Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe-themed Playboy pictures will make the new issue a keepsake – proving some people wrong, including himself.

“The concept came from my editors,” Hefner told People in a recent interview.

“I had mixed emotions. I could not have anticipated, quite frankly, that it would turn out to be such a newsworthy event, or that the pictorial would turn out so well.”

Hugh Hefner and Girlfriends
(Getty Images)

Oddly enough, the two never crossed paths – even at the photo shoot. Even so, Hefner is well aware that lately, Lohan is “carrying around some serious luggage.”

“Historically, Playboy pictorials are connected to stars at various times in their career,” Hef says. “Sometimes it’s the beginning of their career and sometimes it comes at a particular moment – as with Lindsay – that is intended as a turnaround.”

Hefner says his wish is that “this is a born-again beginning for Lindsay” and that he wishes her all the best. “I think there’s a rooting interest for her,” he says.

Part of the reason the issue is such a big seller, Hef says, is due to his direction.

It was he who insisted on fully nude Lindsay Lohan pictures, after all.

During negotiations, “Some of the people around her said, ‘No, no, I don’t want her nude.’ And I said, ‘No, look, this is how it’s going to be. This is how it is.'”

Hugh, you are the man. That is all.