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In a sign that the apocalypse really may take place in 2012, Toddlers & Tiaras standout Eden Wood has just inked a deal for her own reality show on the Logo network.

According to WetPaint, the gay-lesbian channel that brings us hits like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Bad Sex is set to film an as-yet-untitled reality series starring Eden, 6.

“The show will document Eden and her mother’s move from their Arkansas hometown to the Big Apple,” the website claims, citing a source close to the pint-size star.

Eden Wood - Cutie Patootie (Live)

“So far, the four main characters are Eden, her mom, her manager, and her agent. Right now, they’re set to start filming at the very beginning of 2012.” Characters.

When contacted about the Eden Wood reality show, a representative for Logo said the network does not comment on stories about shows possibly in development.

But it’s totes on. Whoop dee doo. Don’t everyone celebrate at once.

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