Cheerios Bee Gets Sexy Online, Company Apologizes

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The Cheerios Bee likes to get down and dirty, apparently.

Thanks to some mischievous hacker/vandal, General Mills is scrambling to clean up a PR mess. Its website for kids is supposed to let them create their own Cheerios-themed cartoons, but someone got carried away and made an X-rated one.

Which made it to the top of the popular "Honey Defender" website. See below:


A rep for the cereal company says that, “We have some safeguards that are supposed to keep this from happening, but I guess it wasn’t set up with this game."

Guess not. That bee appears rather aroused.

The rep tells TMZ, "Normally, games where we allow viewers to spell out things themselves have safeguards that tell children they can’t type stuff like that in. Let’s just say this is no longer going to be the 'Hot Comic of the Week' much longer!”

Depending on your definition of hot, what could possibly replace it?

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