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Abercrombie & Fitch is trying to end their ongoing feud with Jersey Shore star The Situation, asking a judge to dismiss his lawsuit against the clothing retailer.

If you recall, the ongoing war between Sitch and A&F began back in August when A&F publicly offered to pay The Situation NOT to wear its overpriced duds.

A month later, Sitch (real name Mike Sorrentino) sued them, claiming it ripped off his “GTL” and “Situation” trademarks on a line of guido-mocking t-shirts.

Now, A&F is trying to put an end to the back-and-forth, claiming he had no right to sue them in the first place because he doesn’t own those very trademarks.

He has applied for them, but doesn’t own them. Big, legal difference there.

Moreover, A&F claims The Situation’s application for “Gym Tan Laundry” has actually been suspended, because MTV already owns “Gym Tanning Laundry.”

The US Patent & Trademark Office thinks they’re too similar. Makes sense.

Trademarks aside, A&F insists its shirts are still protected under a law that allows parody as free speech … in other words, the shirts are a harmless joke.

Their legal argument is basically that Sitch is full of crap and can’t take a joke. The Jersey Shore star has yet to respond … but watch the Season 5 trailer:

Jersey Shore Season 5 Trailer