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The official trailer for the fifth season of Jersey Shore has just been released, and we’ll let Pauly D sum it up for you with this quote: “Basically, what it all comes down to is… I love Seaside Heights, New Jersey this time of year!

Yeeeeeah buddy. Thursday, January 5, it is ON:

Jersey Shore Season 5 Trailer

Some highlights from the MTV preview:

  • Mike, apparently up to his old meddling ways, referring to himself as Hurricane Situation – a storm “headed straight for Snooki Island – as they argue over her boyfriend and she comes at him with a bat.
  • An emotional party to welcome the gang home from Italy.
  • An insane fight that leaves Mike bleeding from his dome.
  • Drunk Snooki urinating outdoors.
  • Vinny Guadagnino’s departure

All we have to say is that after a fourth season that gave us some of the best Jersey Shore clips yet, January 5 can’t come quickly enough.