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Rapper 50 Cent, never one to be accused of family friendly entertainment, saw half of his performance bleeped out, but still rocked the house on The X Factor finale.

Astro may not be the inaugural X Factor winner, but the young rapper did make his way onto the finale, rapping alongside Fiddy. That’s a feat in and of itself!

Also, L.A. Lakers guard Derek Fisher introduced Mr. Cent, his good friend, and other Lakers – Matt Barnes and Steve Blake – also made it up on stage somehow.

We can’t explain it either. Just watch the performance below.

50 Cent Live on X Factor

In case the censoring rendered it all unclear, 50 performed his latest single “Wait Until Tonight” followed by his 2003 smash hit, “In Da Club,” featuring Astro.

The kid’s got game … unlike Barnes, Blake and Fisher, who just waved their arms a lot … with Kobe Bryant hurt, maybe they’re getting in shape to play extra minutes?