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Since when does a baby shower include brawling house husbands? Looks like that’s the way they do things in Atlanta, or at least on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“Shower the Baby” gave Kim Zolciak a baby shower to rival most wedding receptions and we’ll break down the drama in The Hollywood Gossip’s weekly +/- review.

But first we have to sift through the boring stuff …

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Looks like Sheree’s building herself a new McMansion but she’s being practical. It will only have the necessities: a ballroom, a spa area, a space for the DJ and a theater. Just the basics. Plus 8 because she’s planned ahead. There’s enough room to expand later if 8,000 square feet becomes too cramped.

NeNe and estranged husband Gregg have a quick and awkward chat when he comes to pick up their son. NeNe wants to know if he’s dating anyone. He says no but then she won’t answer the same question. Minus 5. If you’re going to ask the question, expect to have to answer it.

Once he’s gone, NeNe admits she doesn’t think she can sign the divorce papers. Minus 7. Well where does that leave them? They certainly don’t seem happy so will they continue to live in limbo or head back to a miserable marriage?

Apollo’s on edge these days and even adorable little Aiden can’t seem to make it better. He got pulled over and roughed up by the cops. Sounds like it was all a case of mistaken identity and he was let go but that hasn’t stopped the gossip from spreading all over town.

Unfortunately, his criminal record is something he’s always going to have to deal with. What I can’t handle are Phaedra’s sweatpants: hot pink with HIS printed across the butt. Girl, that’s just tacky. Minus 5.

Cynthia gets a visit from her daughter’s daddy, Peter and Plus 10 for everyone getting along so well but I have to wonder how long it will last. Peter just doesn’t seem the type who goes out of his way to get along with people.

Which brings us to Kim’s baby shower. She says she wants to make the shower special for Kroy. Really? How many guys are that interested in baby showers?

Of course this was no ordinary shower. Wasn’t Kim the one who said that Phaedra’s shower was over the top. Pot … meet kettle. Minus 8. With 130 guests this baby shower rivaled most wedding receptions.

But I’ve got to throw in a Plus 5. I loved that cake.

Prior to the shower we saw the entire family getting ready. How cute was Kroy doing the girls’ nails. Plus 10. Just plain adorable.

Overall, the baby shower is quite an event. Minus a mildly embarrassing incident where Kim’s father gives Phaedra a hard sell on his business (awkward), everything is gorgeous and classy. Plus 13. That is until Cynthia and Peter show up.

First off, they show up five hours late. Minus 11. What was the point of coming at all and without a gift, no less? Had to agree with Phaedra on this one. “Were they looking for refreshments? Were they out of snacks at their house?”

And it only gets worse from there. Turns out Peter trashed the ladies in a magazine interview. Minus 10. Honestly, what man talks about his wife’s friends in an interview? One who knows that’s the only way he can grab the spotlight and more than willing to stir up trouble.

Phaedra was the first to bring up the gorilla in the room and things went down hill from there. Peter walked in with a chip on his shoulder and Apollo looked like he was more than willing to knock it off. If Peter keeps poking that bear he might find it bites back and I don’t think he can take on Apollo. After some loud words and male posturing, it looks like Apollo walks away first.

It may have been a lot of drama for a normal baby shower but the Housewives of Atlanta need to take a look at The Real Housewives of New Jersey if they want some real drama. Here, we had no cursing, table flipping, punches thrown, or children sent screaming from the room. Minus 15 because in comparison you can’t really call this one a brawl. Atlanta needs to step up their game.