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Chaz Bono’s media appearances and stint on Dancing with the Stars won over many people this fall. The transgendered son of Warren Beatty is not one of them, though.

Stephen Ira, who was born a girl named Kathlyn, is 19, and is the child of Beatty and Annette Bening. He writes a blog titled Super Mattachine. Why’s he mad at Chaz?

Because Bono told the New York Times that being transgendered is essentially having a “mismatched” brain and body, akin to a “birth defect like a cleft palate.”

“I do not have a birth defect. If you feel you have a birth defect, fine. That’s how you feel. Go feel that,” Stephen wrote. “Do not put it onto me. Do not define me.”

“Do not define other trans people that way unless they claim that label. It goes beyond that, though,” Ira continues. “Chaz Bono is a misogynist.”

“He is a trans man who seems to believe that his female-assignedness and socialization makes him immune from being a misogynist, and he is manifestly wrong.”

He adds, “This man doesn’t represent our community. The next time you hear Chaz’s name brought up in a conversation about transgender issues, point out the things he says about surgery, ‘birth defects,’ and women.

“Because I don’t want a single person thinking this guy is the best of us.”

Fun fact: Chaz’s mother Cher dated Warren Beatty back in 1962!