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It would be very easy to dismiss Snooki as a national joke. And we will.

The self-styled “guidette” warns there’s more than meets the eye, though.

“I know and that’s my secret. No one knows that I’m smart,” Snooki says.

“I am going to start filming a spin-off with Jenni [Farley] soon and I want to have my own business and have my own brand. Be sure of yourself, don’t let anyone bully you, be an independent, strong woman or boy.”

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Words to live by. Confessing that she was bullied in high school, Snooki, who is now a bestselling author with her book Confessions of a Guidette, got the last laugh.

“Oh yeah, and now I am a strong woman! The new season of Jersey Shore starts January 5, and we are back in Seaside and back in the normalness,” she adds.

“Not all the drama like in Italy. I’d rather be home at the Jersey Shore.”

Wouldn’t we all. To celebrate her return, Snooki has launched a new fragrance that smells just like the Jersey Shore – cigarettes, booze and kooka.

Just kidding. Probably. “There’s a little kiwi in it … there’s beach flower, like tanning lotion, and assorted woods like the boardwalk,” she says.

Delightful. Just like her.