Sister of Nicole Brown Simpson Blasts Kris Jenner as "Pathetic"

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In her new memoir, Kris Jenner dedicates a chapter to the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, writing that O.J's victim ex-wife actually called Kris the day she died because she wanted to show her friend a box of items that allegedly proved the football great had been abusing her for years.

But Denise Brown, Nicole's sister, has now spoken out and says Jenner is nothing but a pitiful liar.

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"Kris Jenner is pathetic," Denise tells The National Enquirer, denying Jenner's claim that she called Kris the day after Nicole died and asked about this box of evidence.

“I had just found out my sister was murdered,” said Brown. “The last thing on my mind was whether or not Nicole showed anyone any pictures she had in a safety deposit box... In fact, I didn’t even know my sister HAD a safety deposit box with pictures of her abuse until the beginning of O.J.’s trial – months after she was murdered.”

Denise says she's "disappointed" that Kris is exploiting her sister's passing, concluding with a message to this sad, money-starved reality star:

"For the past two-and-a-half years, my family has had some relative peace regarding all of this stuff... Please, Kris, don’t profit off of my sister’s horrible death.”


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