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Miley Cyrus turned 19 a few days ago, and has not stopped making news since.

First, the actress posted a video in support of Occupy Wall Street. Then, she found herself embroiled in a pot smoking controversy. Now, the young superstar is standing up for gay rights.

Miley is the latest celebrity – countless others include Michael Emerson, Kim Kardashian, Cindy McCain; folks from every industry, as you can tell – to take part in the NOH8 campaign, created by Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley in protest of California’s Proposition 8, which makes it illegal for same-sex couples to wed.

Miley and Cody Selfie

“Thank you @MileyCyrus for taking a stand & supporting the @NOH8Campaign!,” Bouska Tweeted following the shoot, a photo from which (above) he posted on his Facebook page.

Expect the completed campaign poster to hit the Internet any day now.