Melanie Amaro: Awesome on The X Factor!

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The X Factor has been renewed for a second season, so allow us to make a suggestion: Can we just fast forward to that second season now? The first season title is wrapped up!

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Okay, we exaggerate, but not by much. Once again, Melanie Amaro put on the best performance of the week last night, standing still on center stage and belting out an a capella version of "Desperado" that received nothing but praise from every judge. How good is Amaro?

Even Paula Abdul makes sense when gushing over the singer, saying in this case that her voice is akin to "fine china. Just bring it out for the most special occasions."

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Melanie Amaro is an 18-year old from Sunrise, Florida. She originally auditioned for The X Factor with Beyonce's "Listen" and then... More »
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