Mariah Yeater Text Messages: Who's the Daddy?!?

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The Justin Bieber baby drama might finally be over.

Earlier this week, Mariah Yeater dropped her lawsuit against the singer, although the 20-year old's lawyer claims the two parties are still working toward a settlement figure. But now even more evidence has come out that appears to prove one thing: YEATER IS A LIAR.

Mariah Yeater Text

TMZ has been sent a slew of texts by a friend of Yeater's. This individual was evidently on the receiving end of messages that...

  1. Referred to someone named "Robbie" as the father of her child.
  2. Pleaded with the recipient to go along with her Bieber claim and, if he/she does so, as Yeater writes in one of the texts posted on TMZ: "Ill kick u when we get paid."

Bieber, to his credit, still plans on suing Yeater. Her credibility might be destroyed, but there's a message to send here: no one dares mess with the Biebs!

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