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Looks like LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville are going at it again … on Twitter, obviously. What better way to instigate a feud than under the cover of social media!

Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi is upset this time because their two sons, Mason and Jake, spent Thanksgiving with Eddie and LeAnn Rimes, EVIL stopmom that she is.

Moreover, he’s trying to get them for Christmas too. Brandi claims Eddie sent her a threatening e-mail about their custody pact. Then LeAnn Tweeted this photo:

This story has nothing to do with Eddie Cibrian’s sweet mustache. But discuss!

Brandi also says she thinks her custody fight is one of the reasons The Playboy Club got canceled and he’s punishing her for it in return. Does that have merit?

Who’s to say. But The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hot mess has a way with words, particularly online, and quickly fired off this Tweet to a friend about it:


Now, LeAnn Rimes is usually the type to mix it up on Twitter with the best of them, but believe it or not, she actually took the high road here … mostly.

Asked by The Babble to respond, she said Twitter feuds are beneath her, which is odd since she’s been in a ton, and sort of digs at Brandi anyway:

“Until private, family matters can stay that way we cannot communicate properly and through a public forum is not the way. I have fallen short myself out of anger, but for the kids sake only try to share happiness.”

“It’s no one’s business, our family business and since you will not hear both sides of the story no one should jump to conclusions. I do not know what has been said except for what I just read, but it’s far from the truth, I will say that.”

And there you go. Until Round #29