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Kate Major shed some interesting light on Michael Lohan’s recent behavior in an interview with Dr. Drew. According to Kate, Lindsay’s father is on steroids.

And trying to blackmail her by threatening to sell sex tapes she didn’t know existed, and/or by killing himself and her as well. Guy is not really too stable.

Lohan, who is still in jail after being arrested a second time in less than 72 hours last week for harassing Major, allegedly threatened and attacked his ex.

Some excerpts from her sit-down with Double D:

Michael Lohan Really Sucks!
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On why she met up with MiLo that night last week: “I had agreed to meet with him. I said I wouldn’t meet with him alone. I didn’t know he was on steroids.”

“He was flipping out at me because my friend, who he didn’t like, called me and I didn’t answer the phone because I knew there was going to be an altercation.”

“Threw the phone and cracked the phone. I got really scared. Then he took a vase and he was running around saying he was going to smash himself in the head.”

“He took the phone out of my hand, threw me to the ground. I was afraid.”

On his threat to sell sex tapes: “He had sent it to my house in a fedex envelope. Two dvd’s of sex tapes that he had been taking without my knowledge.”

“He said that if I pressed charges on him, the he would release the sex tapes. I also have an email that shows that he was trying to sell them.”

On why he calls her Juliet: “Juliet is about the balcony … he didn’t want to live any longer because of everything. If I was going to be with somebody else and not him, meanwhile I didn’t know he was with other people, that he was going to throw me off the balcony and then commit suicide so it would be like a Romeo and Juliet.”

On how he assaulted her in front of his mom: There were other times in front of his mother that he threw me down a flight of stairs and I landed on the granite. I went to call the police and his mother even grabbed my phone. So there were witnesses to this. I didn’t report that either. I’m mad at myself. I didn’t tell anyone.”

On whether she’s friends with Lindsay Lohan: “No we’re not. I haven’t spoken to her. When she was recently in Palm Springs in rehab at Betty Ford. I had given her care packages. I drove Michael down. We were living together. I have nothing negative to say about Lindsay or Dina or the children. I just feel for them. I really do.”