Did Demi Moore Cheat on Ashton Kutcher with Ben Hollingsworth?!?

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In Touch Weekly did not get the memo: This is Kim Kardashian divorce week among supermarket tabloids.

But the publication had an alleged bombshell of its own to run in place of anonymous quotes about the end of Kim's marriage: Demi Moore cheated on Ashton Kutcher with 27-year old actor Ben Hollingsworth.

Demi Moore Affair Story

Insiders tell the magazine that Moore met Hollingsworth soon after he relocated from Canada to Los Angeles. She proceeded to introduce him around, eventually helping him land a role in The Beautiful Life, a very short-lived series on The CW produced by... Kutcher!

"They smoked a lot of weed," a source randomly says about Hollingsworth's days partying with friends at Demi and Ashton's house.

One night, Moore supposedly gave her younger pal a ride home - and then have him a ride of another kind!

"They wound up having sex in the back of the car,” claims this mole. “It just kept going from there... [Ben] said she was really hot and she took care of him."

But Hollingsworth reportedly ended the fling because he felt guilty about betraying Kutcher, who had grown into a good friend. No word on exactly when this dalliance took place, but Ashton has been the one in the cheating spotlight recently, following a naked romp in San Diego with Sara Leal.

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