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The Dancing With the Stars field is down to four.

After last week’s predictable elimination of Nancy Grace, voters will have a tougher decision tonight. Among the remaining four hopefuls, who stands the best chance of victory? Let’s take a look at who’s left standing, then put it to a vote …

  1. Hope Solo has shown improvement throughout the season, culminating in her best effort of the season last week. Still an underdog to make the finals.
  2. Rob Kardashian is very well-liked and better on the floor than most people give him credit for. Long-shot to win it all, even money to survive this week.
  3. Ricki Lake. After two straight weeks at the top, she took a step back last week. It would still be a surprise if she didn’t advance, but she’s the clear #2.
  4. J.R. Martinez was nothing short of perfect last week. Having already been a clear contender all season, he’s the obvious favorite as it stands right now.

Well? Who do you think will win Dancing With the Stars?