Chris Brown Moves Out of Condo, Neighbors Celebrate

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Chris Brown has thrown in the proverbial towel.

The singer moved out of the West Hollywood condo in which he was at war with his fellow condo owners, many of whom termed him the neighbor from hell.

Brown's neighbors had complained bitterly that he parked in handicapped spots, played music at ear-shattering levels at all hours, raced dogs in the halls, etc.

He was also accused of vandalism at one point.

Angry Chris Brown Picture

Chris Brown. So maligned.

Brown denied committing any of those misdeeds and even got the majority of those "handicapped" parking tickets thrown out, as the spots were deeded to him.

Still, he peaced a little while ago, and is no longer living in the unit. Chris has not sold the condo, however, and when he plans to (if at all) remains unclear.

Party at the next owners association meeting?


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