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Reg Traviss, boyfriend of the late Amy Winehouse, said in a new interview that before her passing, the pair were talking seriously about getting married.

This is the first we’ve heard of it, but who knows. Maybe they were.

Reg shed light on what their wedding might be like but said they had not set a date.

However, he says that both knew they were destined to be together forever …

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Amy Winehouse and Reg Traviss in 2010.

“You might say that we were halfway through a conversation in our life together and then, suddenly, she disappeared,” said Reg Traviss of his late lady love.

“Absolutely we had talked about getting married. It wasn’t planned as in ‘this is the date’ but it was a topic of conversation and had been for some time.”

Marriage or not, Reg’s heart must truly be broken by Amy’s death and he seems like he was a much better influence in her life than Blake Fielder-Civil.

Not that the bar was set particularly high, but still.