2Pac Sex Tape: First Pic!!!!

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The Tupac sex tape is totally real. We know you were dying for proof.

There is currently a bidding war going on over the newly-unearthed 1991 video showing the late Tupac Shakur at a house party - cocktail in one hand and blunt in another - being serviced by some girl as his own music plays in the background.

Pretty hilarious, disgusting and ridiculous all at the same time.

Tupac Mug Shot
Tupac Shakur Mug Shot

These are actually some of the least incriminating 2Pac pics we've seen!

As the rapper sings along, wiggling his hips, Money B from Digital Underground walks into frame, and Tupac puts his cocktail arm around him as the two chat.

All the while the woman continues doing her thing down there.

Just as 2Pac appeared poised to take matters further with this mystery lady, the tape ends. It's unclear if there's a second part. But check out this pic from it:

Tupac Sex Tape Photo

A still frame from the Tupac sex tape, unearthed this week by TMZ. Shakur was not only a talented rapper, but apparently a successful multitasker.

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