The Situation Models Tuxes, Keeps it Classy (Sort of)

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is best known for taking his clothes off - and getting paid offers to do so - on Jersey Shore. That is sort of why he's famous.

Now, in a nice change of pace, he's trying clothes on - as a tuxedo model!

FLOW Formal Wear has been releasing some of its brand new shots of Sitch modeling their clothes all week long on Facebook. Peep this hilarious nonsense:

The Situation Abs
Prom Date
White Tux
The Situation: Ripped

The Situation: Best. Prom. Date. Ever.

Fortunately, Mike still found a way to flaunt his abs and guns in some of the promotional photos, even though he's supposed to be displaying formal wear.

Now that's what we call a situation!

[Photos: Flow Formal Wear]

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