The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Worst. Game. Night. Ever.

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The games began, and quickly got nasty, as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills assembled for an uber-competitive Game Night at Dana Wilkey's this week.

THG breaks it down, +/- recap style!

Alliances are drawn and things spiral out of control at Dana's Game Night party and it's a disaster almost from the beginning. First off, it's boring as all get out because no one will talk to one another. Kyle and Brandi are the first guests to arrive.

Brandi Glanville and Dana Wilkey

Kyle is still fixated on Brandi's use of the c-word last week at the barbecue and the fact that her four year old peed on the grass. Minus 5 Kyle. Get over it. It's not like the woman ran over your dog. You can make polite small talk with her at a party.

Kim stumbles in with a tear stained face. Kyle drags her off to the bathroom to clean her up and Kim is insulting the cleanliness of the host's bathroom rather loudly. Minus 7 for not being able to control herself.

Then Brandi's one ally, Adrienne, bails at the last minute leaving Brandi to deal with the mean girls all on her own. Brandi Glanville is far from perfect but at least she's willing to admit that the joke she made about Dana's husband last week was inappropriate.

Plus 8 for owning up to it. If only she would have apologized to Dana it may have won her some points with the host.

Kyle Richards is in complete denial as she continues to believe her sister is simply tired and disheveled. Minus 7. I know she wants to protect Kim but whether this is drugs, alcohol, or a real medical condition, the woman needs help.
Kim Richards is a Mess

When they sit down to play party games is when the real mean girls tactics begin. Kim complains that she doesn't want Brandi on her team while Brandi is sitting across from her. Then Kim and Kyle all but ignore the woman during the game.

Come on ladies. Grow up. Minus 12.

Brandi could have found a better way to call them on their behavior but I really can't blame her for not being able to take any more. In a move straight out of high school, Dana turns on Brandi instead of being a good host and taking control of her party. Minus another 10.

And even though Camille thinks Brandi is right, she can't deal with the confrontation and runs to the bathroom leaving Brandi to fend for herself. Minus 7 for being such a coward.

How can Brandi not be pissed? The evil dynamic duo hid her crutches. They must have been quite the mean girl pair in high school. Minus 15.

Brandi definitely lacks the filter to be polite enough to ignore Kim's erratic behavior but I find her candor refreshing and entertaining so she earns a Plus 11 for adding something interesting to this show.

The Kyle Richards Look

On other fronts. Lisa is thrilled to tears, literally when son Jason announces his engagement to Pandora. Plus 8 because the girl is obviously the perfect fit to this family.

She wants Jiggy to bring their rings down the aisle. Oye. 

Minus 7 to Lisa for stopping her husband from giving a toast at the happy celebration. That's simply rude and uncalled for.

Max earned an extra Plus 5 for wearing the type of socks they make sock monkeys from. It's the most interesting thing going on at the party.

The drama at Dana's continues next week but for now we end up with ...


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