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We meet another real housewife this week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and needless to say, Dana Wilkey makes a strong impression.

THG breaks down all the action in its +/- recap!

Dana hit the scene showing off all of her assets. Those include serious cleavage, a tiara, and $25,000 sunglasses. The funny part? She can’t stop telling people she spent $25,000 on her sunglasses. What is she compensating for?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

Does Dana Wilkey want to prove to everyone that she has money? Doesn’t she realize that for as many people as she is impressing, just as many are looking down their noses for talking about money or simply laughing at her for being ridiculous enough to spend that kind of money on a pair of sunglasses. Minus 10.

It gets even more fun when Dana tells Kyle and Taylor all about her super baby. Apparently her 18-month-old reads, counts, models, and speaks Thai. Plus 8 to Kyle for both playing along and poking fun at Dana’s inane assertions. I get the feeling that Dana is the insecure type.

In other housewife news, Lisa gets a gig with CNN as a commentator on the Royal Wedding. Plus 5 for Taylor who lists Lisa’s qualifications for the job: She’s married and British. Yup. That’s about it.  It’s nice to see Taylor finding her sense of humor for a change. There’s only so much crying I can take.

Are we suppose to take Lisa’s word on proper decorum when you can walk into her high end restaurant and hear her ask if her little dog did wee wee why he sits at the table? Minus 6 for killing my appetite.

Lisa is such a diva. She’s more worried about her hair than knowing anything about the show she’s going to be on. And does she really need to bring the dog on CNN? Minus 10. Doesn’t she realize how silly it makes her look. No wonder I didn’t watch any of CNN’s wedding coverage.

Adrienne throws a lavish barbecue for all of the ladies and their families. The rest of the Housewives may not be big fans of Brandi but I’m finding her entertaining. She earns a Plus 8 for honesty when she admits to Taylor that her goal during her divorce was to make sure she took her cheating ex to the cleaners. Given the publicity surrounding his cheating on her, I can’t say as I blame her.

Brandi Glanville gets a Minus 10 for doing nothing but laugh as her son pulls down his swim trunks and pees in the grass at Adrienne’s party. Yes, I can laugh off the event but I agree with Kyle. As a parent you get up off your chair and make sure the child knows he did something inappropriate. That is unless you want him peeing at all of your classy parties.

Of course Brandi’s word choice isn’t exactly classy when speaking about the size of certain parts of the male anatomy. Honestly, I can’t believe Kyle has to ask them to specify what body part they’re talking about it. Brandi’s quick to answer with a cock a doodle doo. Minus the a doodle doo. 

Plus 7 to Brandi for keeping things interesting. The shocked silence of the rest of the ladies floored me. It may not have been a word they’d chosen but it doesn’t seem all that shocking considering the subject at hand. 

But the best Brandi moment of the night is when she pushes Camille to get out there and start dating. As Brandi says, they only have a short window of hotness left. The clock’s a ticking. Another Plus 5 as this woman continues to make me laugh.

As one of the more entertaining episodes comes to a close, here’s where the points shake out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills