Steve Jobs Biography Release Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment

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The release of Steve Jobs' biography by Walter Isaacson has been given the obligatory NMA treatment. What did the Taiwanese animators of current events do with this?

It's no Tiger Woods scandal reenactment, but it's close.

Ghost Steve Jobs as a technical Obi-Wan Kanobi, appearing before Tim Cook in hologram form, projected via iPhone 4: Too soon? Probably. Too funny? Definitely.

Steve Jobs passed away just a few weeks before the release of his widely-anticipated biography. According to the book (or at least Next Media Animation), Jobs:

  • Didn't ask to read his biography
  • Wished he'd had surgery to fight cancer sooner
  • Told Barack Obama he would become a one-term president
  • Told Bill Gates to broaden his horizons by dropping acid
  • Can use the Force to guide Apple from the great beyond
  • Plans to nuke Google and Android

Why read the book after this brilliant, cartoonish synopsis?

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