Rihanna Releases "We Found Love" Video: Watch Now!

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She just couldn't wait any longer.

“Ok I just can’t hold it anymore, and I’m probably in trouble after I say this but ...” Rihanna Tweeted Tuesday morning. “ ... WFLvideo is dropping today!!!”

We actually first found it today, but no complaints girl. WFLvideo, of course, means her video for "We Found Love," co-starring Dudley O’Shaughnessy.

The British model (and Rihanna’s rumored boyfriend for like a week) has great chemistry with her in this video, laden with themes of love as addiction:

“This is probably one of the deepest videos I’ve ever done," the singer Tweeted. "It’s all about love and love being like a drug ... you definitely get that from this. The good feeling of it and the dangers of it. That’s what this video is about.”

It's also about a video about a farmer getting pissed when he saw Rihanna nude in his field in Ireland and demanding the shoot be moved elsewhere.

Just kidding ... although that did more or less happen.

The song is just one of many on Rihanna’s new album, Talk That Talk, is set for release on November 21. Will you be adding it to your collection?

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