Michaele Salahi Underwear Auctioned Off By Tareq; Neal Schon Buys Her $10K in New Lingerie

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Tareq Salahi asked for this one.

His estranged wife may be a groupie slut, but she's got a rock star doting on her. Michaele Salahi's boyfriend Neal Schon just dropped more than $10,000 on lingerie for her during a Beverly Hills shopping spree this week.

Why did he do such a thing? Well, she had none left, seeing as ... 

Neal Schon Picture
Michaele Salahi, Husband

OH YEAH: Neal is gonna be making that face a lot more after this.

Tareq sold off all her underwear and bras at an auction in a totally classy move not designed to get any publicity whatsoever. So much for their public truce.

Neal and Michaele hit up La Perla - a ridiculously expensive lingerie boutique on Rodeo Drive - this weekend. The Journey guitarist spent $10,496.55 there.

That got her 42 bras and 38 sets of panties ... at approximately $130 per item.

Sometimes it pays to be a groupie slut ... who rubs it in her husband's face.

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