Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo: Released, Disturbing

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In their most striking piece of evidence yet, prosecutors showed jurors today an autopsy photo of Michael Jackson, dead and naked, his body lying on gurney.

The photo, admitted in Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial, was taken hours after the star died. MJ's death, as we know, was ruled a homicide.

The date on the tiles beside his body reads August 25, 2009. However, Dr. Christopher Rogers claimed the date was a simple error, and should read June 25.

Michael Jackson Death Photo

This was shown during opening statements. Today's image is far more graphic.

Rogers said it is extremely unlikely Michael Jackson killed himself with a deadly dose of Propofol, as Murray claimed in his opening statement two weeks ago.

Jackson's fingerprints were not found on the medication, but more importantly, says the doctor who did the autopsy, Murray's defense theory is very unlikely.

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Michael Jackson Autopsy Photo

Rogers, in his testimony today, said that Dr. Conrad Murray's description of the final moments leading up to Michael Jackson's cardiac arrest just doesn't add up.

Murray claims he left for two minutes to go to the bathroom (a timetable his many women seem to contradict as well) and returned to find MJ not breathing.

The defense will argue MJ self-administered a lethal dose of Propofol in that time.

Rogers says Murray's scenario - which entails MJ waking up under the influence of heavy sedatives and skillfully administering a deadly dose that would travel to his brain, causing him to stop breathing in two minutes - is impossible.

More likely, according to Rogers, is Murray administering several doses of Propofol in the hours leading to Michael's death without properly measuring them.

That would result in an overdose ... and likely a prison term if a jury agrees.

Dr. Conrad Murray ...

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