Make a Run for It, Dubai!

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Kim Kardashian is totally in touch with the common man.

First, the professional celebrity got married in a multi-million dollar ceremony and now she's hanging out in Dubai, where the reality star told The Wall Street Journal today that she'd love to open a "hotel in Dubai and design all the different rooms and floors."

Kim Kardashian in Dubai

And why does Kim want to expand her empire to the United Arab Emirates? For the same reason she televised her wedding, of course: for her fans.

“I like to pay attention to what my fan base is really asking for, whether it’s hair and makeup, clothing brands... everything I think will be successful here," she said.

Amen, Kim. Your fan base is absolutely asking for a hotel in Dubai, a place 99.999999% - those who never sold rights to a sex tape for millions - could never afford.



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who gives a fuck!!!!! dont pay my bills. all of thm r disrespectful too there mother.


I seen your peepee Kim and you like to suk the rod but you know what? You need to learn to grow balls and help those who need it rather then yourself and your so called fan base you dweeb!!


Kim capatilized off the tape because she was part reponsible for the leak I have seen the tape because i'm into things like that that tape was filed with the intention to leak by both Kim and Ray J they even narrated it and was talking to the viewing audience no company can release such an intimate video with consent from both parties no matter how much u wanna defend Kim and believe her lies she allowed wanted that tape to come out because she is a filthy whore my only wish is for her and Ray J to get back together and make more filthy whore porn!


Ok and now to the ignoramous who dissed Kim for her sex tape: anybody in the free world can (yes very stupidly) trust their partner with filming an intimate moment, but I honestly don't believe the poor lass ever fathomed that it was going to be mass produced and distributed, hence the 2006 law suit and settlement that brought her this fame. So point being the woman did not intend to lose her virtues in this dispicable manner her ugly little troll of an ex Ray Jay is responsible for that, so what could have been yes a very embarrassing and shameful thing Kim has capitalized on so uh..... YEAH.


Why are ye suprised this marriage is on the rocks. This was done for TV rating and for making money. Which I think is worse that making a sex tape. I have to say I look at the show, but with every show you can see the only purpose in life this family has is to make more money at all cost. they have no respect for one anothe or anyone else.


ok to the perosn who asked 'Whats wrong with knowing kim have done a sex tape' Having sex with a partner is a natural act however making a porn tape so you can become famous is the work and act of a woman with no class, honour, shame or morals.. The fact that you defend Kims disgusting behaviour shows you too have no class, honour, shame or morals and I therfore predict in your future you will allow yourself to be filmed having anal sex, be peed on and ejaculated all over and leak it to you tube or worse you porn


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Beautydoesitbest & Christina you all must be beautiful, cuz for one tru beauty recognizes tru beauty and also tru beauty doesn't hate it congratulates, as for the rest of u, you all must be ugly, I dont even know what u look like but ur ugly on the inside for hatin on people u dont even know. Jealous haters


To all who hates Kim: shes hot & yal knows that! If ya thinks shes a ??? Then why would ya watch her sex tape & then make bad comments about her?? Such sore losers really.. Sex is so natural and who cares if she have a sex tape! I still love her:) so grow up & stop acting like ya have nevered took naked pics or vids to other peoples before! Lame ass peoples! & on addition, in fact all her sisters are hot! Ya just jealous ya can never get to hit it! Lmfao


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