Ashley Madison Wants David Boreanaz as Celebrity Affair Spokesman

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David Boreanaz, star of Bones, cheated on his wife. More than once.

He's not alone there, but is fairly unique in that he not only admitted his infidelity, but claimed in a recent interview that it strengthened his marriage to Jaime Bergman.

While he likely meant that the couple is stronger than ever nowadays, it was probably not meant to come off as an endorsement of cheating on her in the first place.

That's why we somehow doubt he accepts the offer of $250,000 put forth by pro-adultery website Ashley Madison to be their new celebrity spokesman. Just a hunch.

Rachel Uchitel

David Boreanaz is a famous cheater. But don't expect him to advocate for it.

THG NOTE: Rachel Uchitel and David Boreanaz did bone (pardon the expression), but that is not the affair he admitted to last year. That was with an unknown woman he accused of attempting to extort him following his infidelity.

The company's shameless, CEO, Noel Biderman said this: "We feel Mr. Boreanaz would be the perfect fit for our brand as he has given a voice to something we have been saying for years: People enter into affairs to save their marriage."

"Mr. Boreanaz had the courage to admit that."

"The rest of the cheaters in Hollywood - there is no shortage on Ashley Madison, but we are not naming names might also find this kind of confession liberating."

Right. We're sure that's exactly what he had in mind.